Saturday, October 2, 2010


Editor comment:-Chayo U-kiss...never be give-up,okey?????

U-Kiss is comprised of 6 members ~ two of which came from or were former members another group ,Xing(Kevin and Kibum).They are multi-lingual group and this allows them to communicate with fans in Korea,English,French,Chinese,Japanese,Portuguese and Spanish(hmmm...good2).

~only 5 members~
U ~ Ubiquitous

K ~ Korean

I ~ International(Idol)

S ~ Super

S ~ Star

The band intends to become an international group with multilingual members : Alexander can converse in seven languages(Spanish,Portuguese,Japanese,Cartonese,Mandarin,Korean and English) : Eli is articulate in English,Korean and Mandarin : Dongho in Korean and Mandarin : Kevin in English : Kibum in Japanese

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