Saturday, October 2, 2010


Editor heart still for them...why????NO COMMENT!!!!!...hahaha...

SHINEE is a contemporary band compried of 5 middle school and high school student between 14 - 18 years old(Jong Hyun,Min Ho,Tae Min,O New, and Key.

Contemporary band represents the team that suggest and leads the trend that suits the current world all the areas including mysics ,dance, and fashion, and like the title,contemporary band,Shinee will present their unique and tredy music while keeping contemporary image in dance and fashion.

Also the name of group,SHINEE is coined word composed by adding the noun suffix,"e,e" to world "Shine" and it interpreted as the person who receives the light or in other world,the person in the limelight and it also harbors the great ambition of SHINEE to mesmerize a number of music fans across ages and border with a wide variety of music

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